Writing update 2: The Selective Mute Princess

So if you didn’t watch my bimonthly goals for May + June you should do that by clicking here. In my new goals, I mentioned how I wanted to spend the next two months writing at least 10 chapters of The Selective Mute Princess. In my last writing update, I mentioned how I had scrapped all of draft 1 and 2 which all together was probably around 200,100 words if you combine both of those drafts. I thought I would come to regret it, I wrote that update last July, now it’s May 2017 and I do not regret it!

I have currently written chapter one and two and I am currently writing chapter three, I thought that rewriting the 3rd draft wouldn’t change anything for me to do with this story. In the sense of the only thing, it would fix would be the word count and it not being so high. I wasn’t sure how it could fix my character or plot problem. It has, well right now it has. For example, I’ve fixed the insta-love problem in my story and it isn’t insta-love anymore, you can see the relationship grow. I was surprised how well this would go. This was the first story I ever wrote so it’s like 14/15 year old me with all these ideas, and I am about to turn 21 so it’s a big difference in terms of my brain and the fact I have grown.

So, writing chapter one and two so far it has been difficult I’m not going to lie and say it’s been easy writing this because it hasn’t. For the first week of May I was staring at a blank word document, I just I was so stuck on how draft 1 and 2 started that I couldn’t think of a new way to start draft 3 but I did start it a different way and this version is so much better. Like how it starts this time I love because so much later it’s going to show how Amelia has progressed and that her character has grown.

So with Ethan and Amelia’s relationship as said before it isn’t insta-love anymore, Ethan has been working at the palace for 3 months now and they have got themselves into a routine. At night when she wakes from nightmares Ethan comes in and gives her a glass of water and if she throws up he is there taking care of her. Nobody but them knows that this happens every night, so that is where the basis of their relationship grows. I am really happy with how it is developing right now.

Amelia’s relationships with her parents are of course very strained, she doesn’t like to even react to them she stays silent with her head down. This will soon start changing as the story goes on, Ethan is going to have a big impact on Amelia and it’s going to show her what she is missing out on and maybe even help her try and come to terms with the trauma she has been through. It’s not going to be one of those stories where she is cured by the guy because that’s not it, Ethan helps show her but a number of things actually bring her out of her self-imposed silence and not leaving the house. One of the new things I’ve added is that every week Amelia is forced to see a counsellor, eventually, I am going to make Amelia start opening up to her, so it’s a number of things that change Amelia’s mind. In the original version, it was practically just Ethan who got Amelia out of the house and her shell and I didn’t want that to be the case. So I did change that.

My original version is still on wattpad and I have been tempted so many times to take it down, but my thinking is that it’s so different from what The Selective Mute Princess is now it doesn’t matter if people read that version. Whilst I am doing this, more readers the better so when I do eventually publish it’s a bigger audience. So it is still up on wattpad and even though it has problems, people still enjoy it and I am really lucky with that.

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 16.46.09So that is my word count so far, which I think for 2 full chapters and the start of a 3rd one isn’t bad! For overall word count I’m aiming for like 60-80k if I go over a bit it’s fine but I don’t want to go really high because I do know that one problem with the other drafts is because I was updating on wattpad, I don’t have that problem right now because it’s not going to post it on wattpad. So that helps.

If you guys would like to see the first chapter, let me know and I shall maybe post some of it in the next writing update. There won’t be 10 month gap between this and the next one though!

Writing Update: The Selective Mute Princess

So as you can see from the title I have a little update on The Selective Mute Princess which is my novel which I am trying to get published but I am still in the writing and rewriting stages of this. I did a mid-year goal check at the beginning of July and I have a goal of finishing the editing process of The Selective Mute Princess and I’ve been doing it on and off for about a year. I have edited 20 chapters of 55 but my problem is that I have a lot more words and I know by the time that I finished the entire novel it would be at 150k words and that is too much. I knew there was a lot of fillers in there that didn’t need to be in there and I didn’t find myself in a position that I could cut what needed to be cut.

So I did something crazy.

I could possibly regret this.

I hope not.

I have decided to get rid of the 2/3 drafts that have already been written of The Selective Mute Princess and start again. So for the first time in ever I have begun to outline the story, I looked at my other drafts and pulled out the main points of the story what I wanted. Also, I realised I had a lot of plot holes in the other drafts, for example, the kidnappers of my story were never caught which was a major plot hole that I needed to fix. In doing this, in starting again, I’m hoping it will give me a better chance and not doing so many filler chapters, not having plot holes and flaws to my story as a whole.

I don’t expect this re-write to solve everything that is wrong with my story, I have a lot of work to do but I know that I need to start the actual words again. Change some things, I will keep my other two drafts that have already been written just for me and the progress that I’ve done but I want to restart it fresh. I wrote it 5 years ago and it was uploaded in parts on wattpad so there was a lot of mistakes so hopefully, this can fix that.

So what I have done so far.

  • Wrote my main characters list and given some crucial details.

You probably think I should have done that already, but no, in one of my many drafts the mother had 6 different names and Amelia had 4 different middle names. So hopefully nothing will go wrong with the name issue this time.

  • Worked out the kidnapping plot story

As I said before I hadn’t actually said who the kidnappers were and I never said what their motive was for kidnapping the girls. So that will be fixed because I have written a backstory for the kidnappers and reasoning behind that, so there will be no mistakes now lol hopefully.

  • Ethan and Amelia’s relationship

Ethan and Amelia’s relationship I have given it a little revamp, obviously, I can’t really explain much about it because then spoilers.

  • Location.

It was set in England. But now I created my own island! I don’t know whether this was a good idea or not but the problem with using England I wanted my own world with my own rules which is why, I created my own island, I don’t feel like revealing the name yet but it’s in Spanish!

So that’s all for this little writing update, I may start doing these more frequently I like doing a mini update.