My Novels

I am an inspiring writer and author, I first started writing around 14 years old when I joined wattpad. I have learned as I have written, I haven’t taken any courses in writing or anything like that. What I have done I have taught myself with just by writing and writing even more and not stopping writing. So that’s how I taught myself to write.

I have written many novels since I have begun writing for the most of them they are in the 1st draft stage of them. There is around 2 or 3 of my stories that are in the 2nd/3rd stage of re-writes and editing, and they are slowly getting into the state where they will be ready for the beta process and hopefully soon to be published.

If you hover over the title of this blog page it will link to my other stories that one day I plan to publish, and not including the ones I have on wattpad and will probably stay on wattpad.